Mailing List Services in Sacramento, CA

PDQ Lists is a leading provider of quality mailing lists and direct marketing data.

We specialize in providing the highest quality mailing lists and supply online tools for list selection, counts and ordering. Our professionals stay focused on the needs of specific audiences and use tools to track and record your responses. The end result is more qualified leads and more effective campaigns. We pool our lists from industry leaders who yield higher responses and represent the highest level of accuracy and quality available.

List Options:

Option Type
NCOA National Change of Address. Update your database with the change of address information on file with the USPS
Appending Email/Phone: Append your data with Email and/or Phone numbers where available.
Addresses CASS – Correct, Update and validate your addresses using the USPS address database.
Duplicates Dupe check your data file for Name, Company, Address and/ or other field duplicates. Exact, near and soundex.
Genderize Add prefix and gender codes to your data based on a database of recognized names.
CRWS Carrier route walk sequence your mailer for maximum postal savings.

List Types:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Consumer
  • Email
  • Business
  • Occupant
  • Property

Our Bankruptcy data comes straight from public records and is received from county courthouses nationwide. Bankruptcy data information is accumulated on an ongoing basis and posted new every month. This file is available through our count system or by contacting a list agent.

Nearly 200 million individuals with demographics and psycographic information as well as buying habits. The primary data sources for Consumer data is Excelsior Premium Consumer data, when deliverability and premium selects are your top concern, and Acxiom data, the most comprehensive consumer list available. These lists provide top quality data and guarantee higher delivery rates.

E-mail marketing is already a billion dollar business and growing. Consider adding the e-mail component to your next direct mail campaign to increase your response rate. Multi channel marketing is a proven method to increase response and is a perfect companion to direct mail. Just like any list, e-mail lists are selected using geography and demographics to narrow the counts.

When marketing Business to Business, you need the most accurate and up to date data you can get. That's why we use the 2 major compilers in the USA as our primary source of business data. With the highest delivery ratio in the industry and our "direct link" to the compiler, you are insured the freshest and most accurate data anywhere.

This list source contains over 150 million residents (homes/apartments/trailers) and 12 million business locations. Most people don't associate targeting with an Occupant list, but it turns out that communities within the same carrier route often look the same, the homes are often very similar as well as the people who live in them. That's why we offer carrier route targeting on our Occupant data: from average income in a carrier route to medium age, home value length of residency, even % of ethnicity in a carrier route.

This database is sourced primarily through county recorders information of home ownership and mortgage related data. That's straight from the source, so you can be sure the information is real data and not modeled. We reach more households than any other mortgage compiler. We don't just "update" our mortgage data every month, we completely recompile it.
1st and 2nd mortgage rates, loan types, loan amounts, number of rooms, presence of a pool and/or a fireplace, and much more.

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