Print Mail Campaigns for Religious Organizations

Let us be the single-source for managing your next direct mail project from start to finish.

Direct mail postcard advertising is a fast, effective and affordable way to get your organization noticed in your area and attract more followers.

Direct mail advertising allows religious organizations to target clients by area and/or demographics. It costs a lot less than TV or radio advertising and your success is trackable and measureable.

Our direct mail services allow organizations to design, proof, print and mail their campaigns within minutes.

  • Use Direct Mail to attract new customers
  • Drive your traffic to your online listing and/or social network
  • Use our Variable Data Printing Services (VDP) to personalize the information for each mailer
  • Make announcements such as service changes
  • Build awareness of your brand and organization
  • Stay in touch with your followers

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    Example #1: Postcard Mailer:

    Direct mail, in general has between a .5 to 1.5 percent response rate. All the factors I have listed above can effect that return. So, if you mail out 1000 mailers and you get a 1% response, that is 10 people call, come in or contact you. Let's say 8 of those responders purchase your product or use your service. What is your profit from each transaction?

    In the case of a new customer, what is the lifetime value of that customer. For instance if you sell gym memberships for $10.00 per month and they sign a 12 month contract, then they have a value of $120.00 per year minus expenses. A doctor who acquires a new patient may expect 4 visits a year from that patient and so on.

Campaign Returns

Amount Cost Return Profit
1000 $460 $500 $40
2500 $1010 $1250 $240
5000 $2000 $2500 $500
10000 $4000 $5000 $1000

*postage is based on a saturated mailing, 3rd class. Response: 1% or 25 people

For a simple scenario let's say you had 8 "sales" and have a net profit of $20.00 per client and there is no future expectations. Your total net profit was $160.00 (20 x 8). If the mail campaign costs you $1000.00 you lost $740.00. Similarly, if your net profit was $200.00 per client, your total net profit would be $1600.00 and, assuming the same $1000.00 mailer expense, you made $600.00.

Target Audience:

Determining who you should advertise to.

Generally we can acquire list information about individuals based on their age, income, location, home value, length of resident, gender, ethnicity and more.

You may want to use one or more of these demographic selects to pinpoint specific individuals based on your particular company position, product or service. You may also want to mail to everyone within a range of your company location.

Mailing Lists:

Lists that provide demographic information are called consumer lists and range from $20.00 to $30.00 per thousand.

Lists that include all residents or business locations are called occupant lists and range from $10.00 to $15.00 per thousand.

Occupant lists may or may not have an actual name included with the address. Additionally, there is a program available called "saturation mailing" or "every door direct mail" which allows you to mail to everyone within a certain area without the need for a list.

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