Direct Mailing Services in Sacramento, CA

PM Campaigns has teamed up with Automate Mailing to bring you the best in target mailing list purchase and data management. We specialize in providing the highest quality mailing lists and supply online tools for list selection, counts and ordering.

We are postal experts! Our specialists will walk you through every aspect of your order. We will get you the very best postage rates and fastest delivery. Our company has been Rated 100% postal perfect by the USPS. Our fully automated facilities allow us to process large volumes of mail quickly and accurately.

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How Direct Mailing Works:

The most important part of your mailing campaign is the data you put into it.

direct mailing listsOur postal experts will help you select a mailing list that is tailored to your specific needs and manage the data for you. We pull our lists from industry leaders in list compilation and we can help secure the lowest price for your list. Our lists are manually checked to determine any issues with addresses or content before we manipulate the data.

Our designers have over 20 years of experience designing for promotional marketing.

Since the design is crucial to the success of the campaign, we tend keep our ideas simple enough to attract attention and direct enough to get customers to call. We take pride in working with you to develop your creative ideas into something special while making sure that your brand is accurately represented. Our professionals take the time to listen to your ideas and communicate changes when needed.
We work fast and hard to ensure that you dont have to.

Your campaign will be printed with the highest quality.

Our printing department features both offset presses and high end digital equipment. We offer one sided, two sided, W2P digital color and offset full color printing to make your campaign look professional. Need it fast? Our services include next day and even same day turnarounds. With our years of experience, assorted equipment and expertise, we have your printing needs covered.

We will prepare your mail campaign to postal standards.

Preparation of your mailing campaign can be as easy as labeling and stamping the piece but it can also be complex as well. We can do everything from mail merges with multiple fields to inserting, sorting, metering and folding. We prep the mail in such a way to clearly identify its destination and even call ahead to prepare the mailing facility to "look out" for the mailer. Your direct mail campaign will be delivered to the post office so it can be unleashed on the world.

We work hard to make sure that you get the best rate for your campaign.

There are three catagories of mail to choose from, 1st class, standard and periodicals. Your postage rate can vary greatly depending on the details of your mailer. Our mail experts will get you the best rate available and save you money on your campaign. We have an excellent record of making sure that your mail gets to where you need it, when you need it.

EDDM Every Door Direct Mail

Use Every Door Direct Mail to promote your ideas through mailing campaigns.

We team up with the United States Postal Service to provide an easy, cost effective way to reach potential customers near your business.

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is an easy and exciting program introduced by the US Postal Service that makes direct mail affordable to the general public. Work with our designers or submit your own artwork then select the postal routes that work for you. We take care of all the details and your mailer reaches every customer that you target.

Let's Get Started!

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. You will find that we are very communicative throughout the processes of your job. It is our desire to provide you with the very best in both service and product and we believe good communications are the anchor pins that support everything else.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions, read every correspondence completely and question anything you feel unclear about or are simply curious about.