Print Mail Campaigns for Auto Repair Companies

Let us manage your next direct mail campaign from start to finish.

Direct mail postcard advertising is a fast, effective and affordable way to grow your automotive business. Direct mail advertising allows repair shops to grow their business while maximizing their advertising dollar. It costs a lot less than TV or radio advertising and your success is tracked and measured.

Automotive postcard mailers are a great way to get more clients, referrals and listings. PM Campaigns makes marketing for your business easy and gives you more time to focus on your work.

  • Use Automotive Postcards and Direct Mail to attract new customers
  • Increase your average sales and car counts
  • Filter your mailing by age, income, vehicle type, vehicle age, car/truck owners and much more
  • Use our Variable Data Printing Services (VDP) to personalize the information for each mailer
  • Increase referrals and build trust
  • Improve location awareness

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    Automotive Direct Mail Postcards

    Direct mail, in general has between a .5 to 1.5 percent response rate. All the factors I have listed above can effect that return. So, if you mail out 1000 mailers and you get a 1% response, that is 10 people call, come in or contact you. Let's say 8 of those responders purchase your product or use your service. What is your profit from each transaction?

    In the case of a new customer, what is the lifetime value of that customer. For instance if you sell gym memberships for $10.00 per month and they sign a 12 month contract, then they have a value of $120.00 per year minus expenses. A doctor who acquires a new patient may expect 4 visits a year from that patient and so on.

Automotive Campaign Returns

Amount Cost Return Profit
1000 $460 $500 $40
2500 $1010 $1250 $240
5000 $2000 $2500 $500
10000 $4000 $5000 $1000

*postage is based on a saturated mailing, 3rd class. Response: 1% or 25 people

For a simple scenario let's say you had 8 "sales" and have a net profit of $20.00 per client and there is no future expectations. Your total net profit was $160.00 (20 x 8). If the mail campaign costs you $1000.00 you lost $740.00. Similarly, if your net profit was $200.00 per client, your total net profit would be $1600.00 and, assuming the same $1000.00 mailer expense, you made $600.00.

Automotive Campaign Types

There are many options for realtors to customize their mailing campaigns.

Type Target
Loyalty Mailing: Keep in touch with your list of clients and get more referrals
Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM): Save money by mailing to everyone in a specific area
New Move Mailing: Say hi to your new neighbors with a free oil change
Targeted Consumer Mailing: Pick and choose your data to reach the most ideal client for you

Automotive Campaign Offer Examples

  • FREE Oil Change
  • $10 off oil change services
  • $50 off any services
  • FREE check engine light inspection
  • FREE brake light inspection

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