PMCampaigns can develop an effective and attractive direct mail campaign for any size budget, we can help you grow your business and remind you what good customer service is all about.

We offer our clients a true turn-key resource for their printing and advertising needs. From copies to commercial quality printing, conception and design of collateral. Our highly talented staff have the resources and technology to service clients of any size and demand.

Let our specialists help you find the branding campaign that is right for you.
Whether you are just starting a business or transforming the look of an existing company, we can help develop your ideas into something more exciting.

PM Campaigns believes that the key to marketing lies in a complete, well developed marketing campaign that suits your individual needs. From the initial design through the marketing and mailing we guide you to success!

We have a complete creative department to help you find the perfect visuals for your campaign. If you need help with generating graphics, our photoshop experts can get you on your way to the perfect design that fits your budget.

Getting the right information is essential in targeting your campaign. We provide accurate, up to date lists of any type to suit your needs.
From licensed professionals to home owners and everything in between, we can help you get the best in prospective customers.

Just need a list?

Whether you need 100 or 100,000 pieces, we can do it!
Our clients enjoy our easy digital upload systems to get their ideas processed with a quick turnaround.
Our print shop has over 20 years of proven experience and tested technology to get your job done.

Just need printing?

Our bulk mailing services provide the fastest turn-arounds with the highest in quality control.
We are a fully automated mailing facility with the ability to handle any mailer and our postage optimization software guarantees you the lowest possible postage rates.

Just need mailing?

With our in-house project management software, we are able to track your job from beginning to end and provide accurate information to our clients at all times. We will get your job done on time and accurately down to the smallest of details so you can enjoy your new business.

Get started!

Who needs a campaign?

Nearly any type of company can benefit from direct mail. Some types of companies should, and many do, use direct mail as their primary method of advertising. You probably currently have a salesman, or perhaps you are making some effort to talk to or see your prospects to sell your business. Look at mail as a salesman for your company but.. it never gets sick, it goes where you want it and says what you want it to say, it works on weekends and it can be changed immediately, its fast to implement and easy to track.

Ultimately, all that matters is that it makes you more money than it costs you.

There are "rules" and systems that should be adhered to, there are ways to make your mail produce a better response and it may take more than one effort to figure those things out. We can help you with that.

We can walk you through examples of our current campaigns; we can give you ideas and crunch the numbers with you. We can discuss your industry and your particular needs and provide you with the knowledge and resources to make an informed decision for your company.

Just give us call and check it out. Here are some examples of how our marketing efforts have assisted our clients.

Association Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns for Associations

Real Estate Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns for Real Estate Companies

Dental Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns for Dentists and Dental Groups

Fitness Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns for Gyms and Fitness Organizations

Religious Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns for Religious Organizations

Heating and Air Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns for Heating and Air Conditioning Organizations

Restaurant Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns for Restaurants

Pool Company Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns for Pool Service Companies

Automotive Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns for Automotive Shops

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